Located in the center of the vineyard, the winery is the heart of the whole winemaking process, from the reception of the harvest to the finished bottle. Goyenechea’s own agricultural production assets ensure the winery’s full self-supply, and prevent quality diversity derived from external sourcing. 

In its beginnings (1900), the winery was about the same size as it is today, or even larger in terms of certain supplementary facilities (a workshop, a power-generation plant, a turbine, a carpenter’s workshop, among others.), which were necessary at a time when being self-sufficient in many regards was a must. 

The original 1905 architecture has been preserved, although inside the building, the XIXth century oak vats have been replaced by modern cooling equipment, steel tanks and French oak barrels. In the cellar, the arches define rooms that used to house the old tanks and are nowadays used for bottle-aging.

Our aim at Goyenechea is to make wines of an unparalleled price-quality relation by pairing our centennial traditional craftsmanship to state-of-the-art technology. To such purpose, we rely on the training and specialization of our employees, many of whom have inherited their parent’s jobs in the company. 


• Winery Size: 8,000 sq. m.
• Total Vat Capacity: 14 million Liters
• Stainless-steel Tank Capacity: 250,000 Liters
• Type of Barrels used: French oak (225 L. each)
• Annual Production: 2 million bottles
• Winery Director: Alberto Goyenechea
• Winemaker: Héctor Renna